Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Update

Unit of Inquiry Content- Were We Are In Place And Time

- Field trip to Naturkundemuseum

- Ways to document

- Past, Present, Future

- Ways changed since birth to present and ways we will change in the future

Unit of Inquiry Content - How We Express Ourselves

- Creating Imaginary celebrations

- Field Trip to Galli Theatre

- Parent guest speakers - sharing their expertise about celebrations (Many thanks from the grade 1 team!)

- Story Teller - Winter theme

Language Content

- Phase 3 sounds & high frequency words

- Double vowel sounds

- CVC words - identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds

- Adding details when writing and planning

- Letter to Santa

Math Content

- Decomposing & composing

- Estimation

- Number-lines

- Story problems

- Difference between addition and subtraction

- Adding from the bigger number and counting up

- Non-standard measurement

- Shapes

- Coins

- Patterns

German Content

- Opening the daily advent calender

- Introducing letter and sound Ei/ei and W/w

- Writing Christmas cards

- Visit by Preschool classes

Ways to help at home:

Please practise the "Kopfwörter" 1&2 together with your child!

Homework reminder:

New homework will be sent home on THURSDAY!

Hand in homework by the following WEDNESDAY the latest!


Thank you for supporting 1st graders during the Art Show and at the assembly!

Ways To Help At Home

- Revise alphabet (sounds and letter names)

- Identify beginning, middle and end sound in CVC words

- Describe the difference between addition and subtraction

- Practice using number lines and manipulatives when adding and subtracting

- Revise the names of basic 2D shapes and discuss their properties

- Explore euro coins

- Practice measuring and comparing the length of different objects using non-standard tools

- Discuss ways to solve problems when socializing with peers

- Discuss past, present and future

Helpful Information and Reminders


Assembly takes place every Tuesday Morning. We leave the classrooms promptly at 8:30. Please be on time and leave outside shoes on. Thank you!


DUE TODAY, December 17th! The children will be using all homework tasks in the classroom (artifact, baby fact file and photos of each year of their lives). Please assist your child in returning the homework tasks tomorrow if they have not already done so. Photos can be emailed to teachers.

New homework tasks related to the current Unit of Inquiry are attached to the Grade 1 Update email. Due date: Monday January 11th.


Books exchanged tomorrow 18th of December, All GRADE ONE CLASSES!!

Students are welcome to bring books back earlier and keep them in the class library bin for safe keeping.

Take Home Readers:

Please ensure your child takes home books at the level allocated by their teacher. These books are based on assessments focusing on accuracy, fluency and comprehension and they are at a level which will best help your child to read. There are many different texts within a level that can develop different skills.

Clothing: Please practice tying shoe laces with your child. The children should only wear shoes with laces if they can independently tie them. Please also provide weather appropriate clothing.

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BMS Home Language Program

"We have begun a Home Language program at BMS that takes place every second Tuesday. A flyer is attached with more information about the purpose of the program and how you can help.

Winter Concert


I would just like to take a quick opportunity to say how proud I am of the first grade students across the board. They have been very productive in preparing for the Winter Concert with great energy and enthusiasm. I am very much looking forward to their performance today and hope to see you all there.

Toi, toi, toi!

Best wishes,

Miss E.

Have a safe and happy holidays! See you in 2016!

From the First Grade Team