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Special Edition: Honduras

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The past two years I have been afforded with a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Honduras Medical Mission through Holy Family Parish. This year I have been offered the same opportunity to attend, and with Father Bline's blessing will be traveling to, and working in, Honduras January 13-20.

Over 70 people will travel from Holy Family Parish to be a part of this mission. We are hosted by an Orphanage, Nuevo Paraíso, that sits in a small town about an hour away from Tegucigalpa (the capital city). After the brigades each day we spend time with the Orphaned children playing fútbol (soccer), dancing, and going to Mass.

Each year we take enough vitamins, medicines, and treatments to help over 3000 people.

I have been struggling for some time now to put into words what Honduras means to me, and the peace I feel in my heart each year when I return. The people of Honduras are so in need of, and so thankful for, the help that we bring when we come. These people are a true testament of Faith and believe wholeheartedly that God will bring them through any difficult situation they may face.

I ask for your prayers and support not only for the people that we serve but also all of the doctors, translators, and volunteers that will attend.

I don't know that I can ever fully encompass all that takes place during this mission in one newsletter, but please see a short narrative below of what takes place. This is only a small tidbit of information, but I would be happy to discuss with you any of your questions about the mission. If you would like to see more pictures than the ones featured below, please click the link!

So much of what we are called to do as servant leaders in encompassed in this trip. I can't wait to share my next experience with all of you when I return!


While I'm away..

I appreciate your understanding in my spiritual need to be a part of this mission. Rest assured, the school will be well taken care of under the supervision of Julie Goshe while I am away. I will have everything in order before I leave, however, she will be your point of contact, in building, for any disciplinary or day to day issues that may arise. I will only have access to phone or wifi on Sunday, January 17 as it is the only day we will be in the city for Mass.