What was the change?

From 1300 to 1600, The Renaissance was the "rebirth" of learning,art,and trade. It took place in Western Europe. ( Florence,Italy ) This "rebirth" brought new ways of learning trading and new ideas. This time period was also known as the "Modern Era" .

Who were the people associated with the change?

Medici's wealthy family supported in art. Leonardo de Vinci was famous for painting Mono Lisa and the Last Supper. Michelangelo was a great painter and sculptor. Two of his sculptures are seen as masterpieces,Pieta and David. Also he is famous for painting the Sistine chapel which shows amazing religious images.Gutenberg improved printing press which created better oportunities for selling Bibles. Donatello was the first great sculptor of the Renaissance. Rafael "perfected" renaissance paintings,his greatest work is "school of athens".

How did the change impact society at the time?

People had more options during Renaissance because they believed everything was possible. Social status in society was based on money mostly. Humanism arrised which was a New Way of thinking. "Ideal Man" or "Ideal Woman" were expected. An "Ideal Man" had to be able to dance,write poetry,was educated,smart,and play music. "Ideal Man" had to have the same traits except they shouldnt seek the same fame and political power. Their architecture was also a big part of the renaissance,the way they built their buildings.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The Renaissance still affects modern society because pf the art,architecture,and writing. Humanism is also still around today. Their building designs are sttill used today, the dome inspired building designs. Some of their writings also inspired for us to make movies. The famous work of art during that time period are still around today,theyre in museums.
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The United States Capital is an example of the architecture that we still use today from the Renaissance.