Turning Your Health Into Wealth

5 tips on winning personal wealth and wellbeing

The greatest wealth of life is Health

This 10 minute webinar is dedicated to helping those who seek physical and emotional wealth. Wealth involves complete harmony of the body, mind. and spirit!

Student Nutrition & Wellbeing Webinar

Sunday, April 24th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Since November 2015, Rachel has embarked on a journey to change her life for the better. She has lost 30 lbs, implemented healthy lifestyle, and managed stress as a graduate student. She has the experience, stories, and tools to help you win in life. Join Rachel at 6PM at ThompsonPR.org to learn more.


Health and Wellness is something that we all want to ultimately achieve in life. It's like winning the lotto when the odds are against you. But people win money everyday through gambling, sweepstakes, games, and various other ways. I want to give you a chance to win something more valuable than money. Win YOUR life back! We will discuss

• Meal preparation

• Time management

• Stress management techniques

• Detoxing your mind

• Detoxing your body

This is a space open for all students. Feel free to contact Rachel for additional information

Rachel Thompson

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