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About Bedford Bodyworks

Bedford Bodyworks is dedicated to providing the highest quality massage and Rolfing® Structural Integration services in New Hampshire. Whether you are looking for a therapeutic treatment from stress, injury and pain, or just want to relax and unwind from your busy day, Bedford Bodyworks offers a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Rolfing, Reiki, Aesthetics & Unwind Time

First Massage at Bedford Bodyworks? No Problem! We offer Introductory Massages!

Introductory services are for first time clients only. It is limited to one service per person unless a client chooses one of the Introductory packages where they receive two Introductory services. These must be used on the same day.

Relaxation Introductory Massage

For first time clients only. This massage provides the deep relaxation that allows our minds and bodies to recharge and rejuvenate

60 Minutes $39.00

90 Minutes $65.00

Deep Tissue Introductory Massage

For first time clients only. This massage style uses slow strokes, deep pressure and friction in areas of chronic muscular tightness

60 Minutes $49.00

90 Minutes $75.00

Introductory Package Relaxation Massage and Facial

A 60 minute relaxation massage followed by a signature facial both at introductory price.

120 Minutes $98.00