Geography Final

By: Trae Erpenbach

Middle East

Traditional Islamic monarchy in Saudi Arabia requires women to wear clothes that covers there entire bodies. Women also are not allowed to go outside without the supervision of a man. Saudi Arabia is a very oil rich country, and are exporters of a lot of natural resources.


China is a heavily polluted country and is famous for the one child policy, which has been changed. It is a very poor country where even if you did have more than one kid, you wouldn't be making enough money to be able to raise it.

Political Terms

Stateless Nation - is one ethnic group living in a country with no states in it.

Population density - measurment of population in a area unit.

Plate tectonics - the large scale movement of earths plates that cause earthquakes.

Transboundary pollution - starts in a country but spreads through the air to other countries.

Outsourcing - transferring one countries work to another's because the labor is cheaper.

Subsistence farming - self-sufficient farming where the farmers focus on growing food to feed themselves and their families.

Commercial farming - crops are grown for the profit, and to sell at markets.