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presented by St. Peter Museum of Renaissance Inventions

Da Vinci's flying ornithopter.

An ornithopter is an aircraft designed to fly by imitating a bird flapping its wings. We have on display the design made by Leonardo Da Vinci for such an aircraft that entailed a person on a plank working two large wings with levers, pedals, and pulleys.

Peaceful Painter makes weapons of war.

The Crossbows are weapons design to launch projectiles at an enemy. We are showing a Da Vinci crossbow which had a huge size to increase range of the weapon.

Invention for music-lovers: Viola Organista

You will be able to see an experimental instrument designed by Da Vinci. Played like a piano but sounding like strings, it uses wheels that rotate to vibrate and individual string. These strings are selected by pressing certain keys. Watch an example of this instrument here:

Last but not Least, the Gutenberg printing press.

Although Johann Gutenberg did not invent the first movable type, he created the first practical one. His molds and inks were more durable and his design allowed for a more assembly line style of producing books.

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