The Art Room

Building skills and learning more about art with Mrs. Howell

Merryhill Millcreek students learn about the Habits of Mind in Art.

Claude our class mascot, shows students the 8 studio habits of mind.

  • Develop Craft
  • Engage and Persist
  • Envision
  • Express
  • Observe
  • Reflect
  • Stretch and Explore
  • understand Art World

2nd Grade's PBL teaches our school community about how insects can help us.

Come see our display in the Tech Lab! Included here are the collaboration groups for each insect. Students made presentations to the school about their insect. During this four week study, students were involved in research, writing creative stories, building models and creating costumes to let everyone know how insects help people.

Come take a look at our fabulous online site with Artsonia. More artwork is being added every month!

If you have not signed up yet or need help seeing your children's work see Mrs. Howell. For new parents to Merryhill Millcreek your parent code will be on the slip that was sent home last week.

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Thank you parents and family members for commenting on your children's artwork and becoming fans of their artistic abilities! - Mrs. Howell