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Technology Treasures April, 2014

Featured This Month...

The focus this month will turn to 1st and 4th graders. Both grade levels have been hard at work creating, exploring, and learning in new ways using their iPads. At the beginning of the year the focus was much more on learning new apps/processes, but by this point students have started to make the transition from mastering apps to mastering deeper thinking that can then be showcased through those apps.

Please don't be afraid to click the links and images when prompted, doing so will allow you to experience all of the features that app/project has to offer!

Our Awesome Products- Grade 1

Tech Time

At the end of each day students have 5-10 minutes to work on a project of their choice. This project should be something that they are wondering about. First the students need to complete an idea sheet. Once they have a plan, they need to start their research. Many times we find our answers in a book from the media center, other times I guide kids using an internet search and together we bookmark an age appropriate website (creating a button on their home screen). Once students become an expert on their "wonder" they create a project on their iPad. Project formats include Pic Collage, Wixie, Popplet, Educreations, and Explain Everything. Most students choose Pic Collage as they can easily search the web for pictures through the app.

The Daily Reporter

The Daily Reporter

Each day I assign a daily reporter to document our day using Pic Collage. This has been a great way to review the day's events with the class. Once the report is completed the reporter air drops it to me and I post it on my blog. This has also been a great way to keep parents informed as to what is going on in first grade at Pullman (Mahmood's Classroom).

The Blog


I use my blog to post daily reports, student work and pictures of important first grade events. This has been a great way to share things with families. I have been getting a lot of positive feed back. I also let my kids check the blog in the morning once their morning jobs are completed. They love it-especially once I posted the Pullman Video "What to do on Test Day?"


Educreations continues to be a great tool in First Grade. The beauty of this app (which is used at most grade levels K-5) is that it is multi-dimensional-- allowing students to draw, type, insert media, and record. Here a first grader uses it to show what they know about Pumice.



Wixie Projects

The first graders learned about the State of Minnesota. They used facts about our state as an introduction to informative writing. Students then extended their learning using Wixie, an online educational software program that allows kids to combine authoring skills with painting tools to create a multimedia project. Students have also been using Wixie to create their animal research projects in Media.


4th Grade Tech Success

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a great app that allows students show their knowledge in the format of a slideshow. The example project below was created to show mastery of fact vs. opinion (you can see we are still working on the correct use of their/there/they're) :) The images Haiku Deck provides are stunning, and are a great visual addition to the student's work.

Click the link below to view all slides

Popplet 3 Ways

You will see popplet across grade levels, and for good reason. This apps not only lets you add text and photos, move them around, and create visual brainstorming, but it lets your creativity shine through as you choose the best way to visually represent what you want to say.

Enjoy 3 very different ways to use popplet shown below.

Nonfiction Writing- The Water Cycle

Students in 4th grade have been studying the water cycle as part of their Science curriculum. After learning about all of the parts of the water cycle they created a paper/pencil visual representation. They then photographed this image and used it as a base for their non-fiction writing about this topic. Students were also able to pull in other photographs and videos they had taken during their studies. All of the pieces were linked together using a thing link.

CLICK the LINK, then click on the "targets" to see all of their writing and media!

Etcetera--Other examples

Book Creator

One group of students created Non-Fiction text feature books about themselves. Students were able to pull in and label all different types of non-fiction features they created, including--map of the school location (google maps), chart showing genders of those who live in their home (mychart app), diagram of their daily routine (skitch app), and photographs (camera). They then wrote accompanying text, labeled the features, and added a recording to explain what the feature was and why it was important!

Off to the side is a screen shot of one of the pages of the book.

Scientist of the Week

Mrs. Packard has started Scientist of the Week in her class. Each week one student has the chance to take on the role of teacher as they pick an experiment, complete it at home, and then bring the results back to share with the class. Students have found all sorts of ways to share out their results using their iPads. 2 examples are: pic collage (the example you see on the side) and video (linked below).

Safeshare TV

Below is a video of the ultra amusing fox principal, and amazingly talented Pullman crew of teachers/staff, performing What to Do on Test Day (What Did the Fox Say) at the Pep Fest for MCA testing. If you click on the link, you will see that it is being shared in safe share mode. This is a site that takes a video stored on youtube and blocks out the side previews and other information, so the focus is only on the video you intended. This is a great tool we use with your students to share videos in a safe way.

click the Link below to access the video of the performance in safe share mode