Mammoth Cave National Park

By: Ethan and Chris

Mammoth Cave National park

About Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave is in Kentucky which is in the southern region of the USA

Mammoth National park has the largest cave in the world. Above the cave there are forests, springs and sinkholes. In the cave it is 60º at all times. The climate inside does not change. It has four seasons outside the cave. You will find sycamore, oak, beech and sugar maple trees. Some wildflowers you will see are violets and trilliums.

Deerfield School

About Mammoth National Park by Deerfield School

How Mammoth Cave was Formed

Millions of years ago there was a shallow sea. The sea was filled with tiny creatures. The sea dried up and all of the creatures died. it rained and this formed acid. This acid leaked into to cracks and was a big help in making this cave system. Water Also helped build this formation. Stalactites and columns formed over time from dripping water.

Deerfield School

Formation of Mammoth Cave by Deerfield School

Interesting Facts

  • People have been in the Mammoth Cave Area for more than 10,000 years

  • Mammoth is famous for it cave wildlife for example the eyeless fish and crayfish

  • The weather outside does not affect the temperature inside the cave at all.

  • The park covers 53,000 acres.

  • in 1925, explorer, Floyd Collins got trapped and died in a cave near Mammoth. This brought attention to the caves.