School Awards Assembly 2021

Tauranga Primary School

Congratulations to all our award winners today

Team Player Award

This award recognises those students who are good team players and contributors.

They demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Always give 100% effort
  • Participate in school life enthusiastically
  • Encourage others to participate
  • Are inclusive of others and understand that we are all unique and special
  • Take ownership of their choices, behaviours and consequences
  • Build positive relationships with a variety of people
  • Represent our school with pride and are generally great role models for their peers.

Learner Award

The Learner Award is for those students who excel as learners. These learners are not necessarily the top academic students; they are good self-managers, thinkers and communicators.

They demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Are curious about the world and fully engage in their learning
  • Work hard to achieve goals
  • Are able to make connections between what they know and new learning
  • When faced with a challenge, they have a positive ‘can do’ outlook, and persevere
  • Actively listen and follow instructions, and will share their ideas and opinions
  • Use critical, creative and caring thinking strategies
  • Are flexible and inquisitive

We are all very proud of them and their achievements.

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