Greek contriabution

Dylan Laney Ancient Greece


The slaves where the people got captured during during the war. The leaders got changed every 10 days. The men were the farmers in ancient Greece culture. The cities still vote for there leader. Trojan went on on ancient Greece. The citizens are the age of 18 teen to vote against official law. They had long crazy botes. All the citizens met together to talk about


we see in in the white house.


When zues got mad lighting struck the ground. Apollo is the god light.They had movies books and art and bad people went underground. They had a gladiator movie and the good people went to the fields when they died. Zues is a good kind of god Hub is the god of the underworld .

we see by thw statue of liberty


The people thought that they should answer with there own opinions. They have and ideal society. and reasonable government. Aristole is the father of the book.the men and women where equal.

we thought that we should have a good government.they could operate in your money.some people rejectedthe government wrote astramys

the government.


the building where well put together.they where sturdy and firm straight like box like.they had columns.they went patrons to worship the gods.the built the temples for are archways and columns.

percale wanted to build more stuff in Greece. Alexander great spread art.the nine patrons and the art are very special. greek arcitexture is mainly around the white house and statue of liberty


they have the same types of shows like we do today.we got the theaters cause of the Greek.they where very popular theaters.they do plays and acts.