Learning Styles



People with the Linguistic learning style like written and spoken words. They are good at interpretation and explanation of ideas and information via language. Some of there roles would be translators, lawyers, journalists, or copywriters.


People with the Logical/Mathematical learning style are good at analyzing problems. They can detect patterns, perform mathematical calculations. They are also good at scientific reasoning and deduction. Some roles they do is Engineers, Scientist, Researcher, and Analyst.

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People with the Musical learning style have good awareness, appreciation, and use of sound. They are good at recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns. Some of the roles they play is coaching someone to play an instrument, lead a choir, and perform a musical piece. They can be an acoustic engineer, composers, musical performers, and DJs.
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People with the Bodily/Kinesthetic learning style have good eye and body coordination. They have good manual dexterity, and good physical agility and balance. Some roles that they do is be athletics, dancers, physical education teachers, and physicians actors.
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People with the Spacial/Visual learning style have good interpretation and creation of visual images, pictorial imagination and expression. They understand relationships between imagines and meanings. Some roles that they do is be artists, inventors, landscape architects, and photographers.
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People with the Interpersonal learning style have the ability to relate to others. They have interpretation of behavior and communications. Some roles that they can be is Counselors, Teachers, Politicians, and trainers.
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People with the Intrapersonal learning style like to be alone. They have the capability to understand oneself. They know one's needs for and reaction to change, and ability to deal with change in the workplace. One who is self-aware and involved in the process of changing personal thoughts, beliefs, and behavior in relation to their situation.
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People with the Naturalistic learning style are sensitive to the world around them. They work best when they can make connections in the nature. They are very hands-on. Some roles that they do is gardening, entomology, biologists, zoologists, or landscaping.
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