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Phil Eitman's California dream comes true every summertime. Phil loves his San Diego summers. He loves his seasonal job as a fisherman and host cook; and with San Diego’s constant swells he gets to do all the surfing he wants. The ability to come out every year during the warmest months and live simply is a blessing for his lifestyle. Surfing is something that Phil can do in order to find a certain inner peace, to achieve an inner calmness that cannot be emulated anywhere else but on the water.

Phil Eitman - California Surf

Phil Eitman uses San Diego as a home base, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place he’s surfed. These mammoth-sized waves draw the attention of world-class big wave riders all over the world, who have come to respect the place as a legendary and very dangerous break, where one ride on one of the gigantic waves is the guaranteed ride of lifetime, whether one survives it or not.

As a Utah native, he has been spoiled by the nearby breaks of California, and he had there every summer to live his surfing dream. Huntington Beach is the home of many surf competitions and is known for being a hub for professionals as well as industry scouts. Of the dozens of surf breaks available in San Diego, La Jolla is one of the best known anywhere. Having been a surfer almost all his life, Phil Eitman has caught waves in many different parts of North America. More tuned for advanced surfers, this break can get awfully big at certain tie of the year; and the rocky shore also makes it less friendly to the faint of heart.

Located right outside of the San Francisco Bay, Phil Eitman says that Mavericks is home to one of the biggest swells in the world. Below, he shares some of his favorite areas to paddle out and catch a wave.Huntington Beach is just north of San Diego, and is a world-renown place for surfers to go catch some waves and show of o the spectators on shore. Phil says that there is simply no better place in America to catch some good waves than the great state of California.

Phil Eitman - Posting Pastries

Phil Eitman's work has gotten him awards as well as recognition that came very handy when launching his own catering business. Phil started off his culinary career as a baker, and has since mastered his craft and become one of the best bakers in all of Salt Lake City. For instance, Phil’s raspberry mousse is rich in flavor and is always a hit at parties. A less conventional creation of his is a pulled pork pie. On top, he melts brie and honey and then garnishes with slices of smoked apple. The pie crust is homemade and with the perfect amount of crispiness and sugary taste. For those that prefer something a bit more conventional, Phil makes a mousse that goes heavier on the raspberry than the chocolate, giving it a deep dark red color that is incredibly indulgent and tantalizes the taste buds. Below, he shares some of the desserts he features for his guests.

Phil Eitman’s pineapple custard is out of this world, and comes very complimentary at his BBQ events with a Hawaiian island theme just before people get dancing. His pulled pork pie is just another prime example of Phil’s ability to bend the parameters of flavor and come up with something completely original that would never be expected with any other catering company than his. He uses cornbread to make the crust, and then stuffs the pie with a spicy pulled pork filling. He features many of his most unique crafts on the many culinary arts he studied on his way to becoming a master chef.