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March 2017 - Issue #1

March into Spring!

I don't know about you, but when I think of March, I start thinking about the greening of the Earth... everything starting to grow. St. Patrick's Day is around the corner and spring will be here before you know it. Here's to all of us springing into great health with Plexus! This week we'll focus on not being "sluggish" if you know what I mean...
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Spotlight On: BioCleanse

BioCleanse is an awesome addition to your daily routine! Most Americans don't get enough magnesium in their daily diet. As a result of modern lifestyle, most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and slow metabolism.

A specially formulated Magnesium compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Plexus Bio Cleanse may help do the following:

Features & Benefits

  • Oxygenate the entire body
  • Help cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Help energize the body
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Support collagen production
  • Relieve occasional constipation

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There's Still Time -- to Trim Up! #60DayTrimUp

You can still register for the 60 Day Trim Up until March 15th! Registration is available at

To set up a qualifying order:

Preferred Customers: If you don’t currently have a qualifying 60 Day Trim Up order, log into your Back Office to manage your autoship. You’ll need $125 in qualifying weight management products. (Check with your Ambassador before placing your order to make sure that your order qualifies!)

Retail Customers: We’ll need to upgrade you to a Preferred Customer. Go to your Ambassador’s website or click Shop on our website. Choose $125 worth of qualifying weight management products. Select “Checkout as Preferred” from the Shopping Cart.

To be eligible for the 60 Day Trim Up, you’ll need to receive an active autoship of $125 or more in weight management products for two consecutive months after registering.

60 Day Trim Up participants will receive weekly emails from Plexus to help keep them motivated and on- target with their goals. Emails include a video from Plexus Health and Wellness coach, Michelle Patrick, and will be loaded with tips for weight loss success.

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