Jimmy Carter

By: Allie McKee

Election of Carter

Election of 1976


Republican- Gerald Ford Democratic- Jimmy Carter


  • Humble "Jimmy"
  • Baptist; affected those with down-home sincerity
  • Ran against the memory of Nixon and Watergate
  • "I'll never lie to you"
  • Would fix the problems of the "big government"

Close victory between the two


  • Convinced Congress to have a $18 billion tax cut
  • Did not help the economy
  • Lost popularity quickly as conflicts continued to occur without his aid

Ford Electoral Votes: 240

Ford Popular Votes: 39,147,770

Carter Electoral Votes: 297

Carter Popular Votes: 40,825,839

"I'll Never Lie To You" -James Carter

Humanitarian Efforts

  • "Human Rights" (foreign policy)
  • Championed the oppressed black majority in African nations

September 1978

  • Camp David
  • Deteriorated relations between Israel and Egypt
  • Carter invited President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel to a conference at Camp David
  • Persuaded them to sign an accord
  • Held considerable promise of peace


  • Diplomatic relations with China


  • Proposed two treaties turning over complete ownership and control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanians

Economic and Energy Issues

  • Rising Prices
  • "Oil shocks"; Americans could never consider a policy of isolation again
  • Huge foreign oil bills drove figures up
  • Americans would have to master foreign languages and study foreign cultures to prosper in the globalizing economy
  • High cost of borrowing money hurt small businesses


  • Nation depended on foreign oil
  • Embark on an energy crusade; "The moral equivalent of war"
  • Called for legislation to improve energy conservation
  • Public apathy and congress hostility halted Carter's hopes of an energetic energy program
  • Mohammed Rez Pahlevi's oil-rich land was taken over by Iran, which hurt America as well
  • Iranian fundamentalists were against Western customs
  • Iran stopped exporting oil
  • OPEC raised oil prices; oil crisis


  • Oil crisis deepened
  • Carter hoped Camp David would solve America's problems

July 15, 1979

  • Carter chastised the Americans for their obsession with material objects
  • Surprised the nation

Iranian Hostage Crisis


  • SALT II agreement signed by Carter with Soviet Premier (Leonid Brezhnev)
  • Limited level of lethal strategic weapons in the Soviet and American arsenals
  • U.S. senate would not ratify it

November 4, 1979

  • Anti-American Muslim militants stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran
  • Took hostages
  • Demanded that the U.S. return the exiled shah
  • Arrived two weeks earlier for cancer treatments

December 27, 1979

  • Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan
  • Soviet Union posed a threat to American's oil supplies
  • Carter placed an embargo on the Soviet Union
  • Boycotted the Olympic Games in Moscow
  • "Rapid Deployment Force"

Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • American hostages languished in cruel captivity
  • Iranian mobs burned the American flag
  • Iranians spit on effigies of Uncle Sam
  • Economic sanctions
  • Forced the release of hostages (failed)
  • Commando rescue mission (aborted)
  • Two military aircrafts collided

January 20, 1981

  • Hostages released
  • AKA inauguration day of Ronald Reagan

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