Ellen C. Godbey

All the world's a stage: act accordingly!

About Me...

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Ellen Caroline Godbey and I'm from Glendale, Ohio (near Cincinnati). I have two cats named Sid Vicious and Jack Sparrow. My little brother's name is Grant and then there's Mom and Dad... I love spending all my time playing piano, singing, drawing, painting, writing, acting, dancing and basically everything else involving the arts. Enjoy my page!

Professional Info

Major: Music Education

Minor: Art Education

Primary: Piano

Secondary: Vocal

Hobbies: Theatre (musical and non musical)

Dance (tap, ballet, and jazz)


Art (drawing, painting, ceramics, etc.)

Work: St. Colette's Catholic Church (vocal, piano, and organ)

John Casablanca's Modeling and Career Center (model and actress)

I am an empowered young woman of integrity learning to live, lead, and serve in an everchanging global society.

Mount Notre Dame Theatre

MNDT was my life in high school and before. I was in over a dozen shows just during high school there. I made life long friendships and got such a variety of experiences there that prepared me for college and made my life easier in the long run. MNDT taught me to expect the unexpected and pull off the impossible!

Sweet Charity

Fall of my senior year MNDT did "Sweet Charity" in which I was Charity. My friend Taylor (left) was Nikki, Charity's best friend.

The Crucible

Spring of my senior year, MNDT put on "The Crucible" for our competition show. I was cast as a boy for the second time as Danforth. Kevin (left) was nominated for best lead actor in the city of Cincinnati.


MNDT does summer productions as well! Summer between my junior and senior year we put on "Hairspray" in which I was cast as Amber Van Tussel. I'm never going blonde!