Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, Mrs. Frye & Mrs. Marcks

January 29th, 2021

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Valentine's Day!

Many have asked if we are passing out Valentine’s this year and the answer is, YES! It is ALWAYS good to celebrate friendship and belonging. Student’s Valentine holder and cards are both due by Monday, February 8th so the cards and holder can go through a “Quarantine” before opening on Friday, February 12th.

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Just a friendly reminder to sign up for conferences scheduled during the month of February. This information was emailed out in the Eagle Update newsletter on Monday. Like the last conference, you will need the WebEx app, but you DO NOT need an account. When it is your scheduled time, please click your teacher's conference link found on the sign-up genius. We ask that you are on time and respect that 15-minute time slot. Please reach out with questions!

Language Experience

We are in the midst of our new study of fairy tales, legends, folktales and fables. Our readers and thinkers will continue to explore and discover the attributes of this type of genre. We will read, think and unpack our thinking of the lessons and intentions of the writers and illustrators of these stories. The exciting and powerful part of this process is putting into action, the valuable lessons that unfold in these books.

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Grammar/Patterns of Power

The students have been noticing and discovering how writers use quotation marks to show dialogue. They have also learned that writers use dialogue tags to identify who’s speaking in the narrative. This particular skill will support their efforts in Writer’s Workshop as they compose their very own fairytale.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader’s Workshop, the students are reading and studying a variety of folktales. They are learning about the structure of this genre and analyzing the themes and lessons that unfold in these texts. In addition, they are noticing the similar story elements: creative characters, problems, and resolutions that are consistent in most folktales. As a result, they have discovered that this genre study is quite enjoyable and relatable.

Writing Workshop

We have moved into Unit 4 in writing workshop which is properly titled “Lessons Learned”. We are studying classic and fractured (broken) fairy tales in this study. Students will eventually be writing their own fractured (adapted) fairy tale based on a classic fairy tale. Ask your 3rd grader what their favorite classic fairy tale is!

Word Study & Phonics

This week in word study we are working on the vowel, consonant, e ending. We are recognizing that the silent e at the end of the word makes the vowel a long vowel sound. Here are some examples: refuse, reptile, compete, compose, and relate.

Math Workshop

We just finished up our fractions unit with our third graders! Thank you for supporting your students by completing the study guides that are sent home. This is a great way to get in math minutes as well as a review for our students. This week, we are starting our time unit! This unit consists on telling and writing time to the nearest minute as well as elapsed time. Want some extra practice at home? Start encouraging students to tell time on your clocks. See the button below for the math newsletter about this new unit!


After studying crayfish in our “Unity and Diversity” unit, we are using what we’ve learned and applying those concepts to any organism. This week we focused on animal adaptations and what they need to survive. Next week we will begin the inquiry process. Students are choosing another wild animal besides the crayfish to do their inquiry around. Ask your son or daughter what animal they might choose to learn out more about.

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Second Step

In Second Step, third graders are learning about how to deal with anxieties that are found in our lives. We talk about different strategies and how to manage this strong emotion. With Forward and MAP testing coming up, third graders will have that opportunity to reflect and apply these breathing and calm down strategies.

Digital Citizenship

The Waukesha school district has developed a new curriculum for digital citizenship, which we started this week. The first lesson focused on finding balance in our digital lives. This is so important with the amount of technology we use at school and at home these days! Students were asked to think about what responsibilities they have to themselves, their community, and the world when it comes to their use of technology. A family activity and tip sheet was sent home for you to check out.

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