What you need to know.

This is what you need to know about Ellis Island

Packing List

-Handkerchief to cover your mouth

-A lot of money

-A little amount of cloths

-No medicine

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What to do when you arrive

-Throw any medicine over the side of the boat

-Cover your mouth with the handkerchief when you are around people

-When you are walking up stairs do not breathe heavily.

-Be honest when they ask you any questions

What to do before the trip

-Every time you walk up stairs walk back down and then up again to prepare for the trip

-Take any medication you have so you are healthy and ready for the trip

-If you get injured make sure to cover it up with clothing

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Process to the Island

1. Getting on the boat- stay away from sick people

2.The arrival- this is your chance to get rid of any medication

3.Ellis Island- you will weight in a line and recessive a numbered identity tag

4.The stairs- this is where you will be monitored to see if you are breathing heavily

5.The registry room- this is where you need to be honest and tell them the truth

6.The medical exam- this is where they look at your medical history to see if you can work

7.The legal inspection- this is where they look at your record and see if you are a criminal

8.The Detainees- this is where you find out weather or not you made it into the country