Movie Matchmaker

By: Lindsey Schulz


Ever wonder why or how Netflix find movies that interest you? It is not a guess, but algorithms that help you find movies you love.

How do they do it?

They collect titles of the movies you watch to determined what other movies you would like. There are about 4 million members of Netflix to keep data for, so they find people with the alike "patterns" and make them onto recommendations.

How would this job be fun?

Xavier Amatrain says that he loves making millions of people happy. This job does involve a lot of mathematics so if you are into math and enjoy making people happy, this would be the job for you.

Who is Xavier Amatrain?

Xavier Amatrain is a computer scientist in Netflix. He was the one that made the recommendation system for the company's online data system. Xavier and his team collect information from the Netflix members.

What is the recommendation system?

The recommendation system is a system that finds movies you would enjoy by using movies you have already watched. For example, lets say you watched "Escape from the Planet Earth" Netflix would recommend "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams" because they are both adventurous movies.


I hope this Smore gave you a glimpse of what is behind the Netflix movie system. Maybe someday you will do something like Xavier Amatrain.
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