Tara Mirmiran

"Earth without art is just eh" - Anonymous


This year, I learned and obtained information about many things in art. For example, we learned that to make our drawings look three-dimensional by adding light and dark values to create shadows. Another thing I learned this year is that everything in art is composed of geometric and organic lines. We also learned that lines can be made to express feelings and emotions. For instance, lines can be drawn to look "angry" or to represent "laughter." I have also learned about contour drawing, which means to look at your image closely as you draw the image without looking at your hand. Finally, I have learned about the all of the elements of art, which are line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. So far, this year, I have learned so much that I am sure to learn more.

Pieces of my Art:


Tara Mirmiran is a student at Three Lakes Middle School. She enjoys visual arts as well as the performing arts, taking piano, singing, and dance lessons. Her grandfather, Colonel Mark Sarram, was a famous artist in Iran, creating many paintings in his lifetime. He was also a photographer.


These links explain the art elements, such as value, color, form, lines, shape, texture, and space. Some of the other links include biographies of other artists, for example Van Goh or Michealangelo. One of the links is about Tara's grandfather's art.
Elements of Art: Value
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