Religious Persecutions

  • China
  • Christians in China are persecuted for their beliefs. They cannot choose their religion freely or participate in prayer meetings publicly.
  • People are immigrating to the USA, UK, and many other countries.
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Forced Migration

  • Germany
  • Jews are being forced into concentration camps where they go through intense labor. No Jew is treated fairly amongst other citizens.
  • They tried moving to Holland, Poland, Asia , and many surrounding countries to get away.

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Environmental Factors

  • Sudan
  • People are migrating because of Malaria. Malaria is a fatal disease that comes from an infected mesquite.
  • They are migrating to Libya, Egypt, And Algeria. So that they don't catch this disease.

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Political Factors

  • North Korea
  • People would like to migrate because of a harsh dictatorship. Kim Jong-Li is the dictator and he doesn't let people leave North Korea.
  • They try to escape to South Korea which is much friendlier, and they can freely practice their basic rights.

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Ecenomic Motive

  • Usa
  • there are a lot of taxes on the rich. they do not want to be taxed for most there earnings.
  • people move to Fiji and other island to create an offshore account

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