Warren Extra School Activities

By: Joey Cortez


The purpose of band is to challenge kids with music, but have a wonderful time. you get to go to big concerts, play exotic instruments, and you get to join All-Region team (which is a good thing.) you could be really good at it if you tried. The bad thing is that it is hard to play different notes real fast, and it might be scary to play in front of people.


The purpose of athletics is to get kids in shape. This is the following things we do: lift weights, do agility, completion, and different sports. Athletics is cool; there are some disadvanges. There are over ninety-five students, so it's packed; You do a lot of punishment from joking around;and you also have to be at school by 6:30 A.M. for practice. Overall, athletics is awesome!!

U.I.L Teams

The purpose of U.I.L teams is to get better in school activities. Everybody can do it. You do completion. You get smarter. It helps you get in college. On the other hand, you have to stay until 4:30 P.M. All in all, it is really cool.


The purpose of choir is to learn and be better with music. You get to look fancy by wearing tuxedos and dresses. You get to go to awesome concerts. Choir can be amazing; it can be challenging. It can be hard hitting high or low notes. Nevertheless, choir will be awesome thing to join.