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Little about Smosh.

Smosh is 2 people who lives in America, who like to make movies on youtube. Smosh have over 15 million subbscibers on Youtube and is top 3 most subbscriber on Youtube. Smosh started to make Vidios in 2006. Smosh is 2 People, 1 is Ian Hecox and the 2 is Anthony Padillia.

Ian Hecox

Ian Hecox

Ian Hecox is born 30 November 1987 in America, he is one of the People in Smosh.

Ians Best friend is Anthony Padillia that is the other in Smosh. Ian has a own youtube channel thats cald Ianh and he has over 3,000,000 subscribers on youtube. He has a girlfriend, shes name is Melanie Moat they have been togeter around 2 years now.

Anthony Padillia

Some things about Anthony

Anthony is born in 16 September 1987 in Mexico Butt when he was 6 years old he moved to America. When he skhud start at school he met a little boy that name was Ian and they both like all the same things then they got best friends. Anthonyn and Ian starded a internet site that called Smosh, They did it to get monny 4 new thing that was importent to make Vidios on Youtube.

Kalel Cullen

Kalel Cullen is boyfriend whit Anthony, and they are ingagde.