Don't Judge Others

Freak the Mighty Theme Poster

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty is about two Middle schoolers that were judged by others and are now outcasts. Freak is Kevin. Mighty is Max. Together they achieve confidence and become friends that can never be broken apart. This book teaches you that you can't judge people by their appearance or relatives. You have to get to know them and who knows, maybe you will become the best of friends.

Conflict and Outcome- Man vs. Society

In the book Max is teased because his dad is in prison for the murder of his mother. Many people think he looks so much like his dad. They treat him differently because think he will turn out to be like his dad. Kevin is teased because he is abnormally small and has leg braces. Also because he talks about dragons and King Arthur and knights.


Max and Kevin are different. Max is tall, strong, big, and dumb. Kevin is short, small, weak, and smart. They become the best of friends. Kevin rides on Max's shoulders. Max runs where Kevin tells him to go. Kevin is basically the brains and Max does what he is told. Together they can conquer anything.