Welcome Center Hosts

What We Do

The Welcome Center ministry serves our guests and members by providing a central point for answering questions, providing information, giving direction and escorting people where they need to go. Don't worry, you will receive training.

What Are The Responsibilities?

All Welcome Center Hosts are asked to do the following:

  • Wear your name tag.
  • Be in place at the Welcome Center during the time you are scheduled to serve.
  • Keep Welcome Center information up-to-date, in good supply and free of clutter.
  • Smile and greet appropriately.
  • Be prepared to answer questions, provide directions, or escort somebody to the area he or she is looking for (Never Point).
  • Hand out first time visitor gifts to all guests.
  • Find your own replacement if you are unable to serve during your scheduled time, and notify the team leader.
  • Be prepared. Look at the bulletin and know what’s happening in the church that day.
  • Park Away if possible in order to free up parking spots for guests.
  • Serve one service and attend one service. It is near impossible to be engaged in volunteering during a service if you are trying to attend the same service.

How To Be An Effective Welcome Center Host

An Effective Welcome Center Host is:

  • Friendly and dependable
  • Comfortable talking to and greeting new people
  • Able to give directions regarding church facilities
  • Informed on the happenings of the church
  • Knowledgable about staff and who oversees what

Helpful Tips!

  • Watch for those you do not recognize and look to introduce yourself.
  • Do not ask if someone is new or a first time visitor. Say instead “Good morning. How long have you attended Eagle Christian Church?”
  • Give your full attention to each person you encounter. Make eye contact and smile.
  • Learn names and use them. When you meet someone new, repeat his or her name and try to use it in conversation or in making an introduction.
  • Know how to direct guests to the nursery or Sunday school classes. Always accompany them to their desired destination and never point.

Time Commitment?

All Welcome Center Hosts are asked to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the service they are serving. This allows time to straighten up the area, get familiar with events listed in the bulletin, and be ready to engage guest or members who may arrive early.

How To Sign Up

Ready to start serving? I use Sign Up Genius to schedule, so simply click a button below and choose the service and time slot that works for you (on Sundays or Saturdays), and you'e done!

Expect to get a reminder email 2 days before you are scheduled to serve.

I look forward to serving with you.

Team Leader

Mary Reich