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Technology that APP-lifies connections

Thank you for choosing RKT studios..

We are a small Family APP company with Ad Infinitum Ideas.

Let us help you APP-LIFY connections with Your constituents.

Welcome to the FAMILY...

We here @ RKT studios...

  • Think outside the Equilateral Parallelogram !
  • Believe in utilizing a plethora of multimedia platforms.
  • Dedicated to cost effective package deals.
  • Produce a brilliant APP experience.

Please consider our small Family business as a viable option for your APP.

We will bring you through the process from the vision to the world wide market of Apple, Google Play & Web App Mediums.

Thank you for your consideration...

RKT studios

Richard Kerry Thompson & Family

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Contact Us at... rktcarpediem@gmail.com
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Why an APP?

Info -Graphic - Digital Buzz- Blog

Here are the latest mobile growth statistics for 2013, a complete in depth summary of where the mobile market is now at, including things like mobile phone adoption rates, smartphone penetration rates, most popular mobile browsers, mobile/tablet sales figures, media consumption habits on mobile devices .etc all with the latest 2013 data on the growth of mobile… The infographic was created by the guys at Super Monitoring. Here are a few key statistics;

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

And that’s just a few of the new stats…

RKT studios APPS on World Wide Marketplace

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Dr. Ja'net Bishop

Click Here to See This amazing APP

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The RKT Studios - APP- Stonishing Process

Apps are a work of art and a process.

It takes time to develop and produce.

We are looking at a 4 - 6 week turn around.

We see the process as the following steps..

1- The Vision

- What do want your constituents to experience?

-What is the end result of having the APP published?

-Who is your target audience?

-What are the most important connections you want your App users to have?

2- The Engineering

-What do you want your buttons to look like?

-How many buttons do you want?

-What are the buttons linked to?

-What is the order of importance of the Buttons?

3- The Design

- What is your Branding?

- Is there an icon you want prominent on your APP?

-Do you have a mission statement ?

4- The World Wide Market

-The App will be produced on ITunes

This is a 2.5 week Evaluation from ITunes

- Android - Google Play


5- Connections to Constituents & Upkeep

- You can connect through Push Notifications.

-Keeping all the links live and up to date

We will be with you on the steps and empower you to high levels of utilizing technology with purpose.


Syring Elementary School.

Located in the heart of Small town Americana

The Syring Elementary APP was the first of its kind to utilize a plethora of outside interactive links for a transparent and interactive approach to school - family - community & sponsor partnerships.

Download it and try it out.

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The National Alternative Education Association.

Serving the needs of Alternative and Non-Traditional Schools across America.

This APP was developed for the National Conference in Atlanta.

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Client Empowerment

Paris Fashion Institute

Paris Fashion Institute, established in 1976, provides a beautiful, secure and stimulating environment where students gain hands-on knowledge of all aspects of the fashion industry — design, marketing, manu­facturing, merchandising and retailing. Our month-long seminars, offered in June and September, are held on the campus of Cité Universitaire in Paris.

Click here to test the Paris Fashion Institute APP

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A High School Video Team Explains Their Amazing APP !

ITC 1 28 15

RKT studios App costs and special promotions

Please call us to speak to one of our family representatives.

  • APP Development start up fee / APP Submission to ITunes & Google Play
  • Monthly Fee / or reduced Yearly Fee

A Small Family Company...

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We even have a cool Rap-Jingle

Please click here to listen

Stats on Cell phones in the World

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Contact Us @ 810-262-1042

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From Mobile Moms To Teens With Tablets

Check out our cool infographic for a detailed analysis of the whos, hows, and whys of technology adoption within the nuclear family tree.

Link below