Paper to Practice:

Making Instructional Decisions in the Era of CCSS-M

Paid Evenings: 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/19 & All Day Sub Coverage: 3/27

This course is intended for any secondary math teacher who wants to learn more about designing and structuring lessons using OUSD curriculum materials. These sessions are particularly useful for teachers who are interested in:

  • translating written materials into engaging lessons that build students’ capacity with the mathematical practices

  • structuring and facilitating groupwork that leads to individual student learning

  • launching and closing investigative lessons

  • making instructional decisions based on formative assessment data, including data from the Key Learning Experiences in a unit

Teams of teachers from the same school site and/or course team are encouraged to sign up together!

Paper to Practice: Making Instructional Decisions in the Era of Common Core Math

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 4-7pm

Tilden 4551 Steele St., Oakland CA, 94619

Course Information

This is a 5- session course. There are 4 evening sessions (4:00- 7:00pm) and 1 full day session where teachers participate in public lessons.

Stipends for evenings, dinner, lunch and sub coverage provided by OUSD Teaching & Learning.

Please register through OnTrack, course ID: PD5976