Rebel Mckenzie by Candace Ransom

Brooke Barclay Block 2 LA


  • Rebel- rebel is a very determined girl that moved into a trailer park with her sister for the summer to wacth Rudy while Lynette is at bueaty school. As the author puts in the book she is a tomboy but, if she wanted to get dressed up he would be very attractive.Rebel is also the protagonist.
  • Bambi- Bambi is a very pretty and prissy girl that thinks she is the best person alive and shows off all the time. As the author puts it Bambi is full of herself and she doesnt like to lose to anything.she is the antagonist and is rude and hateful to Rebel and Lacey Jane about the beauty pagent.
  • Lacey Jane- lacey jane and Rebel become friends and want to enter the beauty pageant and try to beat Bambi. Lacey Jane is a standing by character because she is only in the book for the last half of the book.


The theme to this book is never give up because if you fail you just need to get up and try again. I figured out the theme at the end of the book,in the last chapter it said " I learned something very important today... That even if you fail try try again and NEVER EVER give up!"


The setting probably wouldnt matter because of the story's plot. The setting is a trailer park in a small town. This is in the present and in America.but the effect on rebel is he does not want to be here but she went to earn enough money to go to a paleontologist camp for the summer.


Doublewide was a cat in the story and he was a symbol of love and friendship. So when he ran away fit 2 days rebel, Lynette, and Rudy thought that it was bad luck when he ran awayand they thought something bad would happen to them