Don't mess with SHARK

Aquatic Science

Statistic about attacks

  1. Even though only dozen species of sharks are considered dangerous, shark is responsible for most unprovoked attacks on human in sea water.
  2. In coastal U.S states, shark kills more than 41 people each years.
  3. Three species are responsible for most human attacks: Great White, Tiger, and Bull.
  4. Shark are not deadly as many people think. Of 118 record shark attacks last year, only 17 resulted in death.

Why Shark Attack?

  1. Humans have simply taken to coastal waters in increasing numbers.
  2. Shark sometimes mistake humans for its natural prey, such as fish or a marine mammal or sea turtle, and most often will release the person after the first bite
  3. Sharks do not normally hunt humans
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Realistic facts about reason why Shark attack

  1. Warm Water lead shark to migrate to
  2. Victim of shark attack swim near tasty fish bait
  3. Saltier water also lead shark to migrate to.

How to avoid a shark attack

  • Avoid to swim in areas where people fish and clean their catch
  • Avoid to swim where shark feed.
  • Avoid carrying food into water body since food attach animals.
  • Always swim in group and don't wander too far from shore.
  • Avoid swimming at night or dawn
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