Check In - Check Out (CiCo)

Catch 'Em Being Good!

Why CiCo?

Focus on the POSITIVE!

CiCo helps students become better learners.

CiCo creates more teaching time in the classroom.

CiCo: The Basics

START THE DAY IN A POSITIVE WAY! Your child "checks in" with Mrs. Sergent at the beginning of the day. She reminds your child of their goal(s) and sends them to class with a positive message. Your child starts the day with a brand new CiCo card.

SMALLER CHUNKS OF TIME: Your child brings his/her card to the teacher several times each day: twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. The specials teacher also provides feedback.

WAY TO GO! At the end of the day, your child brings his/her CiCo card to Mrs. Sergent. She reviews progress toward goal(s), reminds them to get your signature and bring the signed card to her the next day.

WOW! You, as the parent, provide a "wow!" statement on the CiCo card. Praise them for working toward the goal. Cheer when the goal is set a bit higher.

BACK TO THE BEGINNING. Your child starts the next day by meeting with Mrs. Sergent, presenting their signed card, getting their new card...the day begins.

The Big Payoff!

Help your child work for small reinforcers (stickers on a sticker chart? a pack of gum? extra minutes with MInecraft? a trip to the Dollar Store?) and larger reinforcers for sustained effort (a movie? an overnight with Grandma or Grandpa? a weekend with no chores?). Use your know what captures your child's attention!