Skylar Hopkins Period6

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Artemis's parents are Zues and Leto

Zeus had many affairs, but with leto they had twin children named, (a girl Artemis) and a (boy named Apollo)

Mortal or Immortal..?

Artemis is immortal, which means she cannot be killed

Artemis has many things she stands for.

She is the Virgin Goddess, Goddess of the moon, Goddess of all the single women, and last of all Protector of childbirth
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Since Artemis is the Goddess of all single women, she has no husband.

She had three wishes from Zeus (her father) and one was for her to be a single woman the rest of her life.
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Artemis is very strong,but she also has weaknesses.

One of her weaknesses is that she strongly dislikes men.
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Artemis has many names but diana is her roman name.
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Artemis has a twin brother named Apollo.

She was born a day before apollo but they are still twins.
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Why did i chose Artemis?

I chose Artemis because she is really good at what she does. She is the protector of all children at childbirth, single women. I also chose her because she is a very strong individual. She likes to do her own thing, while doing her job. I also chose her because when her father Zeus gave her three wishes for her birthday she chose her wishes wisely and when she did choose she did with them well. The last reason i chose her because she relates to me. She relates to me by doing her own thing, because like me i like to be individual in most of my work, and i try my best to get things done, just like her.

Ten Facts about Artemis

*She is a twin to Apollo

*Her parents were Zeus and Letto

*She has a bow with her at all times to protect her from other people

* She has a strong dislike for men

* She has no spouse or children

*She is the protector of childbirth and all single women

*She has a pet stag and loves any animal that she comes in contact with

* Artemis and Apollo were born on an island under a palm tree

*She is the virgin Goddess, Goddess of the moon, Goddess of all single women, and last Goddess of childbirth

*She dislikes men so much she will have men ordered to be killed if they look at her with out being told.