Wildcats Weekly

Week of 5/16


Math & ELA EOGs will be given on May 31st and June 1st. Please make sure your child is as prepared as they can be by doing the following:

  • get a good night's sleep
  • eat a good breakfast
  • charge/replace calculator batteries and bring working calculators to school (let Mrs. Sewell know if you are having issues with your calculator that will not be resolved before testing)

We are in need of PROCTORS! If you are interested in helping us out please click here!

Math 7+

EOGs are fast approaching! Over the next two weeks we will be reviewing everything we have learned so far this year to prepare. Your student will be partnered up with someone from their class to teach two problems on a given day. Their participation and presentation will be a class grade.

While reviewing, we will also be working with exponents in preparation for the first unit of CCM1.

Recently, many of the same students are coming to class each day without a calculator either because it is lost or it is not charged. With EOGs looming, please check to make sure that your child is remembering to charge and pack their calculator. We use it in class everyday.

Math 7

This week we will begin our final unit of the year! In Unit 11, we will learn how to find the surface area and volume of several three-dimensional shapes. Some of the shapes we will work with are review from 6th grade and others are new. This will be a very challenging unit. It is important that students ask questions during class and utilize working lunch if they are struggling with the material.


We are still in our body systems unit. We will be dissecting the pig hearts tomorrow after our circulatory system quiz. We begin learning about the excretory system next week! Be checking powerschool for the genetics project grades...there are a few students missing sections or I had problems viewing their submissions.

Social Studies

We will be working on a project this week focusing on the women's rights around the world. This is a group project and will be completed at school.


In ELA, students are continuing to work on their poetry portfolios. We heard a presentation from the Bulls City Slam Team today. Students should be spending some time practicing their own slam poems at home over the next week. I have also sent home permission slips for the movie "Freedom Writers" that should be signed and returned next week.