My Christmas 2015

Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations because it gives me happiness and serenity. I like christmas' atmosphere, decorations, lights, the colors and gifts.

On the 8th December I prepared my christmas tree with my parents. I began to choose the presents I would like to have for christmas. My family and I began to decorate my home with color lights, candles and ornaments. We also prepared the nativity, beacuse for my family it rapresents a tradition, in particular for my grandmother.

Every year, on the 24th December my parents and I celebrate the Christmas Eve to my aunt's home, we usually are about 20 person and we eat all together. My little brothers and my little sister believe in St. Claus, so on the 25th morning they discover their gifts under the tree.

After that we go to my grandparents and we eat all together with my relatives. After lunch we usually give each other our presents.

For theese reasons I lov Christmas and I can't wait to celebrate it soon.