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Friday, September 25, 2015

Moreau Heights Elementery

Moreau Heights Elementary School strives to be a collaboration of staff, parents, students, and community with a vision of academic excellence, positive climate, and an involved community.

A little note from Mrs. Pistel

Truth, Justice, and the Charger Way!

What a great, full week of learning! Students are working incredibly hard as readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists. This week, I have a science investigation planned that students are excited about and we will begin working in the area of Social Studies as well. Students are hard workers and excited about learning! I will always do my best to keep students engaged and motivated! Thanks for your support!

September 17th marked the midterm of first quarter. I will only send home a report on an as needed basis. However, I will have grades up-dated by Monday, September 28th (sorry I changed the date, technical difficulties). Please look on line at the parent portal to see how your child is doing. You will notice that I do not have a large amount of grades, but will have more as the quarter progresses. As you know, most of our goals have been centered around classroom expectations, procedures, and routines. As more academic goals are set, more assessments and grades will be generated. Please call with questions or concerns!

Finally, please sign-up for Remind 101. I sent the information home a couple of times. This is a great tool for me to send out special dates, reminders and links. It also has a personal messaging component and you can send me a "chat" anytime! Please let me know if you need the information.

Academic Goals

Reading Targets

  • "Reading is Thinking" and I can do my best thinking when it is silent.
  • I can write and share a quality book talk!
  • I can use strategies to help me decode and solve the meaning of unknown words.
  • I can identify the author's purpose for writing: inform, persuade, or entertain.
  • I can identify the elements of a narrative story.

Writing Targets

  • I can "think" like and learn from writers.
  • I can collect ideas or "seeds" and information from my world and experiences.
  • I can choose a seed and begin a story using Draft paper correctly.
  • I can build stamina and write for extended periods of time.
  • I can choose a seed and begin my Personal Narrative Draft.

Math Targets

  • I can recall with automaticity my basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
  • I sequence numbers up to 100,000.
  • I can solve subtraction problems accurately and efficiently, choosing from a variety of strategies.
  • I can solve addition problems with large numbers accurately and efficiently, choosing from a variety of strategies.
  • I can round whole numbers to any place.

Word Study Targets

  • I can use and spell correctly high frequency words.
  • I can accurately proofread and locate the correctly spelled words in a passage.
  • I can correctly use and spell regular and irregular past tense verbs.

Each unit Take Home Task will be sent home on Mondays and is due on Thursdays!

Science/Social Studies Targets

  • I can identify and use Scientific Process skills.
  • I can identify and describe the steps in the Scientific Method.
  • I can conduct an investigation when a testable question has been identified.
  • I can identify the 5 Themes of Geography.
  • I can correctly label a United States Map, labeling all 50 states.(a goal for the entire year)
  • I can identify the capitals of the Middle West states.

Specials Schedule

Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Art

Monday: Music

Data Binder

Items added to your student's Data Binder:

  • Spelling, Unit 1 Assessment
  • Spelling Word Preview: Unit 3

Please look at the data binder each week. This section of the newsletter will identify what has been added to the binder for the week.

The binder will go home Monday!

Special Activities and Celebrations

Mark your calendar!

  • Congratulations to Isabela DeSha, Ashton Adrian, and Ellianna Schnieders for earning special awards at our first PBS Assembly. I'm so proud of your AWESOMENESS!
  • PTO Mum and Pumpkin Sale, September 26th.
  • Please view the Lunar Eclipse this weekend. Check out this link for more information:http://www.kansascity.com/latest-news/article36218277.html
  • Scientific Method Quiz, Tuesday, September 29th.

Nightly Routine

Please make sure you see your child's Nightly Folder and Agenda(Planner). I ask all students to read 20 minutes per night, and have their Reading Log, Behavior Communication, and Agenda signed as well. Each morning, I check these items, and they earn team points and Charger Cash for exhibiting responsible behavior.

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