video Game art designer

My future dream job

Job discription

Being a art designer is a drawing a creative job and a social one.

being an art designer pays around $41,500 to $82,004.


the responsibility of being a art designer is having good quality in your work, team work, share ideas, understanding, turn work in on time.


creative & Enthusiastic Impulsive & Independent. And in this job you'll half to be familiar

with Photo shop, shading (& with color), Graphics, and Animation soft-where.

How to become a Video game art designer and what'ill cost

To work as a video game art designer you'll have to have 4 years of art school (collage) and 2 to 5 years of low budget game designing this will probably cost around $5,000 to $15,00 just for school and another $20,000 if you invest to create or join A business plus $100 for software if you want to practice at home/school.


the advantages of this job is its creative, your just showing an opinion of how the product will look, and its a job that you can have freedom in.