EC Spanish 2 Week 17 Update

Sra. Odom - Fall 2014

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Preparing for the Final Exam and Final Project

Students should be done with ALL assignments through Unit 8 now. While the last lesson of Unit 8 is still open, it will close tomorrow (Friday, 12/5) @ 11:55 pm. Next week, the sole focus of the course is to finish reviewing/preparing for the final exam and project and then do them (BOTH of them).

I would like to remind you of some things, as they pertain to the Final Exam/Project:

  1. Make sure that students have attended a Preparing for the Final Exam/Project RLC (this week or next).
  2. Complete the following technology check before the final exam/project: Please check your computer/s to make sure that Java and Quicktime are updated, as there are audio portions to which you will need to listen, as well as respond. They should also make sure to use Mozilla Firefox as their web browser. Please also make sure that the cache has been cleared.
  3. Students in EC Spanish 2 courses are scheduled to take the final exam/project during the week of December 8-12, 2014 (for early calendar). They shouldE NOT wait until the last minute to do either/both parts! I recommend finishing one part by Tuesday and the other part by Thursday (just in case something goes wrong)!
  4. The final exam/project will be available until Friday December 12th at 11:55 pm, when the course is scheduled to close.
  5. The final exam/project (average of BOTH/TWO parts) is worth 25% of the student's final course grade.
  6. The final exam and project are both cumulative (including info. from all units). (See below for more details on what to expect.)
  7. Students need to complete BOTH parts in order to be successful. **They are NOT to use anything besides your brain (no notes, no dictionaries, no translators, no people, etc.)**

If there are any technical problems, during the exam/project, students should contact me and you/ELA immediately, so that we can identify/fix the issue. Students should review/study thoroughly before taking the exam using the "All Spanish 2 Instructional Content" section of the course. I recommend that students plan ahead and schedule the exam as soon as they can take it, but definitely before Friday (so if there are any tech issues, I will have time to identify/fix them before the exam/course closes).

What is the composition of the final exam?

  • The Final Exam is composed of multiple choice/fill-in-the-blank questions based on reading, listening, writing, and a little culture. (Think of this as a mixture of the Prueba de Vocabulario, Escribir, Escuchar, and Actividad Cultural assignments in the course.)
  • The Final Project is a reflection/creation project using a web 2.0 tool of the students' choice (similar to the unit final projects, but much more extensive). This project should reflect on and showcase what students have learned in Spanish II this semester.

How to prepare for the final exam:

  • Attend the Final RLC
  • Reread instruction in All Spanish 2 Instructional Content section of the course.
  • Go back and do the BBC supplementary activities, if they didn't before to help review.
  • (Re)read any/all instructional announcements/learning block posts.
  • Go back and (re)read feedback on assignments to identify what errors were made in the past, so as not to make them again.
  • Complete the final exam review.
  • Ask me if there any questions on any of the material and/or would like additional practice. I'm happy to meet with students on BB IM, via phone, text, and/or on BB Collaborate. :-)

Final RLC Schedule

As of now, there are only 2 remaining Final RLC opportunities (see below), so make sure that your student/s attend one or the other! If any additional sessions are added, I'll announce via the Learning Block.

  • Sunday, 12/7 @ 7 pm
  • Wednesday, 12/10 @ 9 pm

Students who need help

Students are required to attend Required Live Classes throughout the course (at least one per unit/module), which is a virtual classroom environment that allows for complete interaction with the teacher and other students. As such, questions are often answered in these sessions. However, if/when a student needs additional help, he/she should first ask me, the teacher. If I'm not available and it's a quick question, he/should should take advantage of the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center's Quick Questions via BB IM. If more serious content tutoring/remediation is needed, the student/s can request one-on-one tutoring with me and/or a peer tutor. If a student is weary, nervous, and/or conscientious about taking the class online, he/she can request a Virtual Buddy from the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center for moral support, technical assistance, and more. See the video below for complete details on the PTC (information is located in the course as well).
Do your computers meet the NCVPS Tech. Requirements?

Click here to see the most up-to-date list. Please note that students should have a headset w/ microphone OR a computer with built-in speakers and microphone.

Click here for NCVPS Virtual Support/Help Desk!

The NCVPS Virtual Support Center is available for technical assistance (for which I cannot do/help). They can be reached via phone during business hours or any time via Help Desk ticket.