The Vandals

By: Patric Sydes

Who were the Vandals?

The Vandals were a tribe of barbarians that lived in East Germany. They settled between the Elbe and Vistula. Once lived in Northern Africa as their base for raiding the Mediterranean sea. Like the Goths and Attilas Huns, the Vandals helped bring the Roman Empires decline.

Major Battles

Seige of Hippo the Vandals beat the Romans, Battle of cartharage the Vandals beat the Romans, Battle of Rome the Vandals beat the Romans, Battle of Cape Bona the Vandals beat the Romans.


Saint Boniface, Aspar, Genseric, Eudoxia, and Hunseric

Vandals Territory

The Vandals defeat

The Byzantine general Belisarius and emperor justinian 1 defeated the Vandals in 533. Many battles lead up to this until Belisarius headed towards Hippo, Gilimer surrendered to the Byzantine conqueror, ending the kingdom of the Vandals.