My Learning Profile

Addison Walker

My Color

The color I had was gold.

A person that gets the color gold is usually someone that is trust worthy, responsible,a good planner, and a good leader.

Global Learner

I am a global learner.

A global learner looks at the big picture first and then the small details. A global learner loves to have music or noise going on when they do things and is generally related to the right-side dominant part of the brain.

Learning Styles and Prefrences

Auditory Learner

I am an auditory learner, which is someone who learns best from listening to people lecture or reading things aloud over and over again. I prefer to memorize things by reading them aloud or when I listen to a song once I can usually sing most of it from memory the second time through. This benefits me in classes where the teacher spends most of the time lecturing or speaking to the class.

Learning Prefrences

I prefer to learn from auditory type activities, but I also enjoy tactile assignments, and I love to read. I am pretty versatile in all the types of learning styles and both analytical and global type of thinking.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple intelligence is when you have a grasp of many different concepts in many different fields of learning.

How I can be a better student

I can be a better student by turning my study habits into different techniques that could better benefit me and my grades and take a different approach on my learning styles based on what I have learn helps me the best.