Karan Kumar

How Is He Progressing So Far Sept3-Nov1 Ms.McTaggart Class!


He has done a paragraph on "The negative effects of media on teenagers" were he moved on to textforms. He needs to work on organizing his ideas. he did 2 text forms: Child labor and How To Make A Jack-o-lantern. He states that he wants to do at least one of each text forms before term one.


He has read 4 novels: Dear George Clooney please marry my mom, Chomp, Hoot and Percy Jackson the last Olympian (he likes dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom). He has successfully understand the main Idea when he did an assessment on dolphin speech. He understands reading by visualizing. He needs to work on asking questions. He wants to read 30 books and write 30 logs before the end of the year (He already read and did a log on books 6). His teacher of swagness makes reading fun by giving a bead for every book you did a response on.



He understands making 72 into all prime numbers. He also understands representing .001 in base ten blocks. His goal is to work on multiplying decimals.


He did a debate with his friend Jasdeep on ios7 vs Android (both are phone programs). His awesome teacher said that he had a loud voice. He wants to never turn his back to the audience.

Learning skiils

He is really good at initiative because he had 13 check marks for initiative, his favorite initiative deed was when he typed up his five kingdoms chart. He is also really good at responsibility. He has 0 homework not done check marks, also he has done 13 out of 13 blog responses completed. He wants to work on organization by keeping his desk clean.