Capital Cables

Determining Your Cable Requirements Based On Functionality

Certain technical considerations must be made during selection of your electrical cables and conductor requirements. The cables used are crucial in determination of system performance, durability and even maintenance of the system. The environment in which the cables are used must be factored in during determination of the type of cables to use.

Wiring Cable Characteristics and Best Uses
Cables are continuously exposed to environments such as high temperatures, expansion and contraction, chemical corrosions and physical abrasions. A systematic consideration of all factors helps to get the best functionality and durability of your cables.
  • In considering the electrical performance, the user must consider the desired resistance of the cable, which affects the current delivered and the voltage. Electrical performance is constant where there is no external interferences.
  • Exposure to mechanical stresses and abrasion must also be factored. Moving devices such as powered cranes and machines have their cables exposed to friction and kinetic energy causing the jacket to wear off, and interfere with cable integrity.
  • Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures must be considered. Low temperatures cause brittleness to some materials while high temperatures may cause softening of the plastic Jacket.

Special Application of Aluminum Cables
The aluminum cable is recognized for its lightweight and able to have a much bigger cross section diameter than corresponding copper cables. It is also relatively cheaper in terms of cost. These factors make it highly suitable for overhead cables carrying high voltages and delivering huge currents. It is also used in medium voltage underground cables and in the squirrel cage of three phase induction motors. It is however not possible to achieve a thickness of less than 10 mm using the aluminum cable.

What Are Signal Cables
These are cables used in signal communications such as telephone systems, computer terminals and in instrumentation and control. One of the major considerations in use of signal cable is avoidance of electromagnetic interference, which can lead to data distortion. “Cables India” manufactures distortion free cables through twisting of the wire strands in the cable as well as shielding the cables with special aluminum tape.

Cost Considerations in Using the Copper Cable
The copper cable has better conductivity and can be manufactured to much finer cross sections. It is also less prone poor contact issues. This means it offers more electrical safety than other types of cables. Thinner cross sections means that flexibility is easily achieved in copper wires hence they have greater usability.

Supplies from Cables India
The company manufactures a wide variety of high quality cables. With over 3 decades in cable manufacturing, expertise and customer service has made supplies from this organization to be the best. It offers a whole range of cabling solutions for electrical wiring, communication systems cables and all kinds of electrical installation wires.

Careful analysis must be done while selecting the types of cables to use. An analysis of electromagnetic, mechanical and environmental factors helps while selecting the type of cables to use.