The balance of life

A break down of Homeostasis and the Digestive System

Homeostasis is just a very popular term used in Life Science. The Basic definition is to keep balance throughout the body. But since I’m in an advanced class the proper definition is the tendency to maintain and restore certain balance states throughout the body. Now the digestive system comes into play. It is a mechanical and chemical breakdown of nutrients as it enters the body. It may never occur to you but , it all begins in the mouth.

Hey, Kid get out of the pantry !!!!

You have lost count how many times you have tried to get a snack out of the pantry and failed. Your mom is like a spy and her mission is to keep you healthy. Well when it comes down to the lectures she may be right, just search it up. You will get page after page after page. Just to save you some time let me just spill the beans. 1rst of all you can develop type 2 diabetes which may lead to a stroke or a heart attack. 2nd It may trigger a digestive problem and all the nutrients won’t have gone through the whole process, leaving the circulatory system with no nutrients to deliver. 3rd it can cause depression among teenagers which may lead to drugs. 4th it affects brain function. 5th it can cause a kidney disease and can increase your risk of cancer because you are not getting enough fiber.