APUSH Lesson

January 28, 2016

Long Essay Practice

You will have 35 minutes to write an entire long essay about the following prompt. You may use your "Defining the Period: Age of Imperialism," and your "Causation: New Imperialism" chart.

Evaluate the extent to which turn of the century United States expansionism marked a turning point in U.S. foreign policy.


  • "turn of the century" means in this case how we are rolling over from century to another. In this case 1898-1900's.

  • The prompt in other words: was our age of expansionism a change in our foreign policy? was it a big change? small change? no change? Please do NOT write a cause and effect essay because that is not what the question is asking.

  • You must have an argument....proof....and explain your proof....don't forget to give me the "so what?" why is your proof worth giving? how does it tie back to your argument?

Turn in your essay with your "Defining the Period: Age of Imperialism Worksheet"

Turn in your homework: American Empire

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