Sumerian Legacy

Ava Wyderka

Are you struggling in math or science? Join me to solve that problem!

In math class I will be teaching how to calculate the areas of triangles and rectangles. Students will be supplied with supplies. Any ages of your choice can join this class. Tuesdays , students will be learning how to divide a year into twelve months. Also we will be using the math system number, 60. Math days will be, Monday, and Tuesday. Science days are, Wednesday, and Thursday. In science class, we will be using, animals, plants, and minerals, to make medicine. The ingredients used in the medicine are, milk, turtle shells, figs, and salt. Every student will participate in math and science class. Friday days are questions, and homework day. Thank you!

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Every week, starting at 8 o'clock in the morning to 3:45 in the afternoon

Lunch is provided. Every student is suppose to bring a snack if hungry

ALW emh school

Guaranteed as a efficient and fun school

Questions asked

-Do students have homework?

Students will complete homework on every Friday. The only homework there is, is reading, witch is every day.

-Do students get grades?

Students get grades on every test, witch is every month.

-What does ALW EMH school stand for?

It stands for Ava Lily Wyderka (ALW) and (EMH) stands for, elementary, middle, high, school, for the ages.

-What language will students be learning?

Students will be using cuneiform for there language.

We work together

The cost will be either $2.99 a year, or a pound of crops from a field.