2016-17 Tech2Teach UPDATE

Inspiring educators to work collaboratively & digitally

GenNET Tech2Teach Cohort 1 Moving Forward

Session #1 for the 2016-17 Tech2Teach Educators took place on September 27, 2016 for 34 members of Cohort 1. Meeting colleagues from around the county met for the first time and were on the move. They attended sessions of pathways of learning offered this fall at Tech2Teach, made decisions about which pathway would be best for them and how all options could be helpful in integrating new instructional technology in the work.

Goals for choosing pathways to focus include the opportunity to:

  • Inspire and coach teachers how to improve and integrate the use of technology
  • Assist with helping teachers increase student engagement and learning with onsite visits by instructional technology and education and learning staff
  • Focus on specific pathways of instructional technology professional development applicable to specific content areas
  • Develop efficient management of information
  • Develop professional relationships for increased networking across Genesee GenNET participating districts.

Pathways for Learning: Tech2Teach Cohort 1

Pathways for enhancing teaching and learning were introduced to Cohort 1. All participants had opportunity to rotate and learn about each pathway, then decide which one (and sometimes two) they will work on during their time as a GenNET Tech2Teach Educator. The pathways are:

  • Classroom Maker Project
  • Web-based Formative Assessment Tools
  • Extending/Expanding Classroom beyond 4 walls
  • Student Centered Activities

2016-17GenNET Tech2Teach Dates and Cohorts

Two cohort groups are meeting for sessions held from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. at the Davis Education Center on the following dates:

Cohort 1 (40 participants)
  • 9/29/16 (Session 1) (completed)
  • 10/27/16 (Session 2)
  • 11/22/16 (Session 3)
  • 12/15/16 (Session 4)

Cohort 2 (40 participants)

  • 12/19/16 (Session 1)
  • 2/2/17 (Session 2)
  • 3/2/17 (Session 3)
  • 4/27/17 (Session 4)

Participating Districts in 2016-17 GenNET Tech2Teach

  • Beecher Community School District
  • Bendle Public Schools
  • Bentley Community School District
  • Davison Community Schools
  • Fenton Area Schools
  • Flint Community Schools
  • Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Goodrich Area Schools
  • Grand Blanc Community Schools
  • Kearsley Community Schools
  • Lake Fenton Community Schools
  • Linden Community School District
  • Montrose Community School District
  • Swartz Creek Community School District
  • Westwood Heights Schools

GenNET Tech2Teach is about "IDEAS!" Participants will:

  • Identify pathways of learning that is relevant or best matches their technology readiness
  • Demonstrate proficient use of various tools identified within chosen strands
  • Ensure the integration of technology tools into existing units/lessons with their students based on new pathways for learning
  • Apply the integrated lessons/units in their classrooms with their students
  • Share with building staff and administration results of their pathway of learning efforts

Genesee Intermediate School District

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