Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway Facts

He met Agnes von Kurowsky who he proposed to but then later left him for another man while he worked as an ambulance driver during World War I.

Hemingway met his first wife in Chicago.

When Hemingway wasn't writing one of the things he loved to do was hunt big game in Africa.

Hemingway had four wives.

Ernest Hemingway eventually committed suicide.

Ernest's brother and sister both also committed suicide.

Hemingway left trunks of material in the Paris Ritz in 1928 and did not recover them until 1957.

Hemingway’s son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania.

Ernest nicknames himself "Papa" at the age of 27.

Ernest drank 2 to 3 bottle of liquor a day.

When Hemingway was younger he had to pay a fine for blasting an endangered bird to pieces.

As an adult Hemingway killed four hundred rabbits in one day.

On a single boating trip Ernest hooked nearly two thousand pounds of fish including the "largest caught on rod and reel in Atlantic."

Hemingway's mom dressed him up as a girl when he was a kid and forced him to play with girl toys.

His poor eye sight disqualified him for the military.

When Hemingway came home from World War I he slept with a night light.

Ernest tried to kill himself by walking into an airplane propeller.

Ernest also tried to jump out of an airplane with no parachute. The others on the plane saved him.

After World War I was over Hemingway still wore his uniform around town.

Hemingway's father thought him the life lesson that you kill it you eat it.

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