Ice King

By Ryan Parry

Personality Traits

The ice king tends to be the wuss type when he knows he cant win a fight a battle he pleads for pity probably 9 times out of 10. In this episode ice king is fighting Jake and Finn in his ice sculpture. Finn and Jake slowly break through and he gets scared. (Below is a clip showing the wuss side of him) (Skip to 8 min 50 sec)
Adventure Time Season 3 Episode 17 Thank You


Ice kings backstory is probably one of the more interesting ones. What most people don't realise was he was actually a human. In his life time before he got his magic powers, he was a scientist named Simon. Simon lived a happy life with his girlfriend until he brought this crown that started making him feel differently. Time went on and his girlfriend left him, his appearance changed, he grew a lot of facial hair, he turned blue, his hair grew longer and longer, as he got fatter and fatter. He lost pretty much all memory of his life before. He turned miserable felt like he had nothing. (Watch clip below)
The origin of The Ice King


The Ice King's behaviour is very moody and cranky. This happens because of his crow that he brought and it changed all his life in a short period of time. His life changed dramatically and so did his mood, he went from a happy person to someone who has

short temper and mood swings. This is what makes his character unique and what makes the show so good. (Below will be a clip showing his behaviour) ( Skip to 1 min 10 sec)

Adventure Time Season 03 Episode 20 Holly Jolly Secrets Part II