Term 4 Week 1 Friday 15 October

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Seeing the happy faces of the children on their return made for a fantastic start to term four.

This is such an enjoyable term, much is happening and there is plenty to celebrate - our completed buildings which includes the amazing Siena Centre - a calm space, which will be even more so once the garden is competed. It will be beautiful. The knowledge that after six years advocating for such a facility, it is now real, means a great deal. It honours the dignity of the children as well as those who work with them.

The new upper playground funded by you, the P&F, is complete and colossal! Once handover with Tim of ‘Down 2 Earth Playgrounds’ is complete, children will be invited to enjoy it. Cleverly, Tim has connected the new playground to our original Nature Playground which was also funded by the P&F a few years ago. Together they make for one extraordinary space for our children to embrace.

The calendar is as up to date and as accurate as we can get it. Should things change we will be in touch as soon as we know.

We have commenced engagements already, what with Wednesday’s initial parent meeting for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which involves most of our Year Three children and their parents/guardians. The sacramental programme is run and controlled by our parish, Our Lady of the Rosary. As a Catholic parish school, the sacraments are central to our reason for being. We adhere to the model of supporting our parish as set out by the Archdiocese of Perth. The model is good, made even more effective by the exceptional way in which it is managed by our parish.

Here’s to a great term together!

Best wishes


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Please include your child's NAME, CLASS (e.g. 5C, 6D) and REASON FOR ABSENCE in the email. admin@hrs.wa.edu.au

You can also submit an Absentee form by clicking on the 'Families' tab on our website https://www.hrs.wa.edu.au/


Saturday 16 October

  • Reconciliation Commitment Mass - 6pm

Sunday 17 October

  • Reconciliation Commitment Mass - 10am

Monday 18 October

  • Kindy Getting to Know you Day

Friday 22 October

  • Reconciliation Retreat


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Please remember that the Staff Car Park is for Staff parking only. it is not to be used as drop off point. There should now be more room for parking on Angelico St., near the Hall and in Hale Carpark.


The vast majority of children are on site at the appropriate times - thank you!

School supervision is available from 8:15am and children are not expected to be on the school property before that time unless they are involved in sports training.

If supervision is required before 8:15, or after 3:15, Discovery Kids is open from 7am, and again after school until 6pm. This is about Student safety and supervision. Thank you for your support.


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Monday’s professional development day proved to be most informative, with the first part focusing on data analysis to identify student progress using Power BI, a data analysis tool. This session was led by our School Support Consultant from Catholic Education Office. It is early days yet, with the investigation of NAPLAN data only. By next year we are informed that we will have the ability to link our own school based assessment the data being available to us to assist in gaining rich and comprehensive picture of the progress of our children.

The second part of the conversation focused on the formulation of our Aboriginal Education Plan, led by Assistant Principal Dave Edwards. This too was an engaging and informative session, exploring the bold goals and strategies advocated by Catholic Education, in the context of our school.


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What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?

I don’t have an office, but out of my kitchen window I can see my two beehives and fruit trees.

If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join?

That would have to be ABBA, but I’m sure they wouldn’t let me join.

What celebrity would you like to meet for a cup of coffee?


Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

I really like the elegance of the 1940’s.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

My family, Lux glamping tent and a very comprehensive survival kit.

What's your favourite family tradition?

Our family and friends Christmas dinner. Lots of fun, laughs and games. A very special time to catch up.

Do you love or hate roller coasters?

Definitely that’s a no.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Home grown boiled minted potatoes with a dash of salt and melted butter.

What would you sing at Karaoke night? Cover me in sunshine.

What makes you laugh the most?
My kids, grandkids and really good jokes


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Playground Update

It’s open for play! Yay!

We’re still working on the final stage which will be the introduction of a tube slide from the top level of the fort, but for the time being, there is PLENTY to challenge the kids and keep them very happy indeed.


Tim is our playground creator and has gone to amazing lengths in the design and construction of the playground, to deliver the masterpiece our kids are now enjoying. Tim and Claire have Harper in Year 1, Leila in Pre-Primary, baby Marlowe and another bundle of joy on the way. Be sure to pass on your thanks and appreciation if see them in the corridors.

The quality and craftsmanship in his team’s work is obvious and whilst delivering this playground to the highest of standards he also offered us a hugely discounted price. Tim went above and beyond on this project and is just an all-round terrific guy. If you know of anyone now, or in the future in need of a new play area be sure to recommend – Down 2 Earth Playgrounds www.down2earthplaygrounds.com.au .Our Holy Rosary community will be forever grateful for your efforts Tim.

As Term 4 can be somewhat busy – we’re looking to do an official opening at the start of next year which we’ll keep you updated on.

MAJOR PLAYGROUND SPONSOR – Artico Hair, Floreat - Yolanda Jeuring

Artico Hair has been established since 2002 and holds a great reputation. Their trendy premises and highly trained team will have you looking a treat in no time.

Many of our Holy Rosary families frequent Artico – it’s easy to spot who they are because they always have sensational looking locks!

If you’re after a fresh look or just a bit of maintenance, feel instantly welcomed and safe in the experienced hands of Yolanda and her stylists.

Take time to relax in the beautiful surrounds her salon offers and enjoy the company of Artico’s gorgeous team.

Yolanda, Clint, Ellie and Macy Jeuring- thank you so much for your exceptionally generous donation.

Contact: Artico Hair - 9387 4703 – 4/440 Cambridge St, Floreat. www.artico.com.au


To all who supported our fundraising efforts over the last couple of years, thank you! We know it can sometimes feel like there is a lot going on, so we’re excited to share the results of all your hard work and what can be achieved when we all come together.

Holy Rosary Community you are amazing!

Kindy Get To Know You Day!

Monday 18 October 2021.

The P&F will be attending in between sessions to offer kindy bag and pillow sales to families. Please come by and say hi. We would love to chat with you.


Dates to Remember

Tuesday 19 October

  • P & F Meeting - 6pm

Contact The P&F


Thank you 😊

Your P&F Team


While we are missing our Siena friends, it’s been so exciting to have our whole library space to spread out in. This week we have been borrowing books about mythical and mystical creatures and have enjoyed having all the bean bags and cushions out to read and relax. The next group of year 5 book clubbers have enjoyed their first meeting and all year 5’s who borrowed each week in term 3, are now borrowing from the year 6 section. With a short, busy and fun filled term, students are encouraged to borrow each week and use the time to read and relax. All books will need to be returned to library by week 7.

Mrs Butson

“When I was your age, television was called books.”
William Goldman, The Princess Bride


Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 18 October: S Paolino, B Luca

Wednesday 20 October: K Glew, N Della Polina

Friday 22 October: E McLure, E Distante

Leanna 0414 953 958

Please complete the form below if you can spare some time to volunteer in the Canteen.


Please note Uniforms are all ordered online through Perm-A-Pleat. Go to the School website www.hrs.wa.edu.au and follow the Families Link on the top right of the page.

Please see below for the Holy Rosary Uniform Policy


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Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

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Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au