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September 19-23, 2016

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from the Mayor-

In regards to J’s message about professional dress last week and the brief discussion at Ele Leadership Team this week, professional dress is addressed on page 14 of the Employee Handbook found in Employee Self Service.

Reminder – Please have a community table on which various flyers and community events can be displayed for patrons. The guidelines for the distribution of materials from community partners is found here.

Reminder – Should you have a parent or student come forward and divulge a student gender transition, notify me ASAP for guidance on next steps found here.

One thing I’ve learned from Dr. Jungmann is creativity is a skill that can be learned. Creativity is not a strength for me and it’s important to learn from others who can push my thinking to be more innovative. As a result, I find myself reading articles like this, which is NOT an article I would have read 5 years ago.

I’ll be visiting Gray, Harrison, Jeffries, Mann, and McBride next week.

Click here to RSVP for Appy Hour

Glendale High School Commons, September 19, 4:30-6:00pm

Appy Hour

Monday, Sep. 19th, 4:30pm

2727 South Ingram Mill Road

Springfield, MO

Tinker time starts at 4pm

AppyHour at 4:30pm

Please come join in the reindeer games-

from J-

Looking about a month ahead - School Action Plans (SAPs) are due October 21st. Buildings will use the "It's all right here" form received last spring in the Google folder provided for you. Questions can be directed to Kathy Gross and Bret.

Explore Information – The Explore Team met this past week to begin work to prepare for Explore 2017! The Team discussed Explore 2016 customer feedback data, developed meeting norms and strategies for communication. We will keep you informed as the work progresses.

Thank you for being an amazing group of leaders - our communities and schools are better and blessed because of your influence! This week I''m looking forward to visiting Boyd, Fremont, Robberson, Truman, Weller, Bingham and Rountree.

Beyond Engagement: Making School Personal

How do we equip our young people to live fulfilled lives, whether modest or remarkable, that have personal meaning?

Regular Board Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 5:30pm

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

tune in for the most exciting few hours you'll never get back...

Attendance Data Audits - Coming Soon

During the back to school Attendance Training sessions, Dr. Courtney Martin and Amy St. John shared the 2016-17 SPS Attendance Manual ( In effort to best support buildings and remain in compliance with DESE financial reporting, the department of Assessment, Accountability & Analytics (AAA) will monitor attendance code usage, absentee daily report, teachers not taking attendance report, physical Time In/Time Out log sheets at the building. The overall Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by student and building must be accurate in a timely manner. This includes ensuring all teachers are taking attendance. This data is utilized for budgeting and accountability purposes. In the coming weeks, members of the AAA team will visit buildings to review above stated and on the job training as needed.

Recess 4 times a day?

As we examine what's good for kids, this might me something to think on. Play is good for kiddos. (It's also good for adults...)

Help Give Hope

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 9am

2000 North Lyon Avenue

Springfield, MO

Families can apply for holiday support. Interested adults must attend and apply in person during a special event Sept. 24. Visit for more information

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