Stargirl: Morgan

You never know you have a good thing until its gone


Leo-A student at MAHS. That is crushing on the new girl Stargirl Caraway. Leo has a T.V. show with his best friend Kevin. Kevin is the host while Leo is calling the shots back stage in the control room. Stargirl- Is a new student at MAHS. No one is sure how to react to this different girl. Stargirl is not afraid to be herself. She is in love with Leo.

Kids Pick

My favorite part was when Leo was explaining how Stargirl was no saint kissing him in her driveway.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

Kevin was screaming on the phone. pg.22, Kevin was windmilling his arm pg. 22, "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the 22, The cheerleaders gaped from the sidelines. pg 23, The ball perched on the kicking tee. pg 23


Stargirl is the new girl at MAHS. She is so different then everybody else that nobody knows how to react to her. After awhile the school loves her and Leo falls in love with Stargirl, but does not know how to tell himself that he does. Then after the almost perfect basketball season the shunning began. Around this time Stargirl and Leo were dating. Stargirl did not notice it but Leo did. Then the one day Leo cracked. He went to Stargirl and told her that nobody liked her and that broke her heart. Nobody. So when ever they hung out she always asked would an ordinary person do this , would an ordinary person wear that. Then the one day she was no longer Stargirl she was Susan Caraway. She looked just like a normal 16 year old girl. Then still nobody liked her she was very depressed. Then the one day Stargirl just disappeared. No one has seen her since. 


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